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Your future Webhelp career under Covid-19.

If you are looking into joining Webhelp, you might be wondering how we are responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

With over 55 000 people and operating in over 35 countries, we shoulder a huge responsibility in ensuring business continuity while prioritizing the health and safety of our colleague’s. You can read more about how we do so from a business perspective here.

From a future colleagues perspective, we would first like to say we cannot wait to meet you and take you in as one of our own.  But the handshake and office tour will have to wait. Don't worry you'll meet your team and co-workers eventually.

Right now however, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety and health of our dear colleagues. For instance, our interview will not be in person, we will talk online, and as for the training, if we cannot commence training at the office, we will do it online as well. And when circumstances require it, we will even deliver your working station to you at home.

You'll get a proper Webhelp welcome!

...when it's responsible.

Until then, here's some of our thoughts on the current situation

Thank you all, for caring for yourself, for supporting each other and for staying positive.

Our two founders Olivier Duha & Frédéric Jousset put their word on the situation when it first started erupting in Europe and the countries we operate in globally. 

“We are facing an unprecedented situation today, which requires that we take an exemplary citizen's approach to protect the most vulnerable people and to do everything we can to limit the spread of this pandemic.“

Read the full press release

Supporting colleagues and friends

To help navigate the new challenges in this new normal, we use our channels to publish supportive content.

Be aware, wash with care
Unsung heroes

We are postive, but also realistic, and know it takes vigilance and exemplary colleagues to get through this unprecedented situation together.

We naturally comply with government instruction in all our home countries. While they are different from each other, we have put preventative steps in place for all, in order to prevent any potential spread among our colleagues.

We stopped travelling, visiting and meeting and started keeping our distance by predominantly working online and from home, cleaning obsessively and just generally reminding ourselves that we are all collectively responsible for each other.

For some, the best solution, is not coming in. In our Nordic region we are adjusting tasks, behaviour and roles. In an effort to take care of each other, together, we have and continue to create opportunities to work from home whenever possible.

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